Sushi Mahana is an Omakase style sushi restaurant in North Vancouver.

We worked with Trim Studio, the interior designer to create a dining space that highlights Chef Hiroshi’s masterful abilities as a sushi chef. With the narrow unit, we had to be efficient in the design and build, making the most of the space and creating a setting for a truly world-class culinary experience.

The dining space features a long bar-style table, and everyone gets a front-row seat to watch the chefs prep and create the food. More like a performance stage than a traditional kitchen, everything about this room was designed to draw your attention to the chefs at work. The light wooden countertops illuminated by the lighting stand in contrast to the black charred wood planks that line the backside of the room.

Inspired by Chef Hiroshi’s mission of using local sustainable fish as the centerpiece of his menu, a major feature in the design was to use local woods and highly skilled local craftsmen. On the side of the dining area is a wooden wall, carved into a fish scale pattern. The two overlapping boards separate the dining area from the lounge. This unique design acts as a beautiful design feature for the dining room, and the gaps in the wood along with the difference in lighting lets people see the dining area as they enjoy pre-meal drinks in the lounge, a preview of what is to come.

This was more than just a contracting project for us. The Sushi Mahana team came to us at the early stages of the project allowing us to help them through the complex process of making a restaurant. For an in-depth look into how this project came together, check out our documentary film on the formation of Sushi Mahana and the truly special people behind one of Vancouver’s most unique culinary experiences!