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So, you want to build a restaurant?

Most people (and contractors for that matter) think they can just come up with a list of deliverables and build a restaurant. Unfortunately, while they think they have a recipe for success all they really have is the ingredient list. This is why most builds don’t go according to plan and cost restaurant owners unnecessary time and money.

It’s easy to assemble ingredients, but without proper recipes or cooking knowledge the meal wont be very appetizing. The same concept applies when you're building a restaurant.

BJorn Bar Restaurant

Everyone has an idea of what they want to build. But the challenge is always how to build it efficiently and effectively.

We are masters of the how.


We Are Planners.

For over a decade, Vancouver’s best restauranteurs have trusted us to create beautiful and practical interiors. Has every project gone according to plan?

Of course not! We have experience going over budget. We have experience not making deadlines. But those early mistakes allowed us to develop a methodical system to get things done while minimizing potential risks.

Interior of Restaurant built by Mercury Contracting
Exterior image of brewery built by Mercury

The Mercury Advantage

There are lots of great places to eat in Vancouver. In such a competitive industry, if you wait until the first dish is served on opening night to start getting your act together it’s probably too late.

From our very first planning meeting, you will feel confident and secure that your restaurant will be built with professionalism and care. You can let us handle the build while you focus on the food!


The secret to consistently successful projects is finding and creating strong partnerships. Beyond all else, when considering new projects we want to ensure that we are working with people that we are compatible with. We are methodical in our approach, and take great pride in fine craftsmanship and being financially efficient.

Here is our four-step process to help ensure both parties can go into a project with confidence.


The first step is to meet via video-conferencing or in-person to discuss the ins and outs of your project. If we get along well and we both think we might be a good fit personally and professionally, we can move to step 2.


This is where we dive into the details so we can customize a proposal for your project. We will explore all of your expectations, from timeline to finishing details, to budget and business goals, and much more.


Once you have reviewed our customized proposal, you'll understand what to expect if you hire us as your contracting and project management partner. If we are a "go", we will work together to create a clear contractual path forward. We can then upload your project details into our project management software program, where you can access real-time project updates, photos, daily scheduling reports, and more.


The devil is in the details, and without the right information your first step will be in the wrong direction. We know exactly what we need before the project starts. Accurate plans. Clear design specifications. Thoughtful trade coordination. Timely submissions and approvals from the municipality.  And, perhaps most importantly, a deep understanding of what pitfalls need to be avoided that could otherwise turn on-time and on budget to over-time and over budget.

Step 1 Lets TalkStep 1 Lets Talk Filled inStep 1 Lets Talk Filled in
Step 2 Lets Talk MoreStep 2 Lets Talk MoreStep 2 Lets Talk More
Step 3: Are We HiredStep 3: Are We HiredStep 3: Are We Hired
Step 4: Project PlanningStep 4: Project PlanningStep 4: Project Planning

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